Airport Transfer FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services.  If you have a question that is not answered below please email our reservations team:

  General Questions
+ Can I trust Transfer Intelligence and is it safe to book online?
+ How do I get in contact with Transfer Intelligence in an emergency?
+ Why can't I get instant quotes on all routes?
+ How long does it take to receive a specific transfer quote?
+ What if my request isn’t a straightforward airport-to-resort transfer?
+ I would like to make a booking within the 3 days before the date of travel, how can I do this?
+ Can I call Transfer Intelligence by telephone for a quote on a transfer?
+ Is my e-mail confirmation a valid ticket?
+ What vehicles are available for my use?
+ What is included in the cost of a transfer?
+ How do I cancel or change my booking?
+ What happens if I leave something in the transfer vehicle or boat?
  Airport To Resort Transfers
+ What is the difference between a Shared & Private transfer?
+ How is a scheduled shared transfer different?
+ Are Saturday and holiday period transfers different from weekday transfers?
+ Is my pick-up time likely to change?
+ What if I want to change my return pick-up time?
+ How do I get a transfer quote on-line?
+ So how do I book a transfer on-line?
+ What happens if my flight is delayed?
+ What does the waiting-time waiver cover?
+ How do I find my driver when I reach the airport?
+ I am flying into Geneva – will me driver be at the Swiss or the French side of the airport?
+ I have lots of luggage, will there be room?
+ What do I need to know if there is a different number of passengers on each journey leg?
+ What happens if a passenger in my party misses a flight or a connecting flight?
+ What happens if I’ve lost my luggage?
+ Which is better, renting a car or booking a transfer?
  Luxury VIP Transfers & Tours
+ Are the Tours private (just for our group) or with other passengers?
+ What kind of vehicle is used for the Tours & Transfers?
+ What areas are the tours available?

If you have a question that is not answered above please email our sales team: